Monday, June 29, 2009

Lunchbox Cowboy

I came back yesterday night from my weekend off (we went to a wonderful wedding in western France, it was just perfect!) and what was waiting for me?? The Lunchbox Cowboy! I had won David Fletcher's CD in Heather Moore's giveaway a few weeks ago and now it's mine! :) Heather designed the wonderful CD cover/packaging... I can't stop looking at it! Haven't had time to listen to all the tunes yet but if you want to know how David's Cowboy sounds, hop over to his myspace page and enjoy! Isn't it great to own a CD you love to look at as much as listening to it?? Love it!


Louis said...

I agree very nice artwork. I love great CD packaging too. When I get a new CD I burn the music to my computer and tuck the packaging in a safe place so nothing happens to it. This way I know I can always take it out again to enjoy it later. I also like it when the designer takes care in selecting a paper stock that compliments the design. Judging from the photo looks like your friend did just that.