Friday, June 12, 2009

bird Edward wishes you a lovely weekend!

Here's a new pattern to wish you a happy, sunny weekend! It doesn't resemble my usual "childish" kind of patterns but I like it a lot actually, the soft lines and the weightless feeling when I look at it are new and pretty interesting to me! 
I called this little fellow Edward, why? I don't know, I think he looks like a noble bird and the name seemed quite appropriate for him! :)
Have a great weekend everyone!


- aurelie - said...

Wahou!!! j'adore! franchement! même j'adore beaucoup!! et puis tu as tout à fait raison, Edward, ça lui va très bien! Bon weekend! il paraît qu'il fait beau demain!

Artemis Wilde said...

Oh, I really like this. Lovely work!

Frilldesign said...

I love this. What kind of surface is Edward going on?

your tippycal blogger said...

yes, I agree..edward looks like a noble bird :D I love the way you turned him alternately upside-down too :D