Monday, June 8, 2009

father's day [wine labels]

I have been working on father's day wine labels lately. It's a common project with Annita Soble (who is coordinating everything and contacted us to collaborate) and several designers all working for FeastForTheEyes, designing beer-, wine-, gift bag-labels to customize the bottles you buy with designer labels. We're just starting the project but the experience of working with other very talented designers and seeing their different propositions is very exciting! I will let you know how the project goes on and where you will be able to find our labels in stores soon!

Have a nice start in the week! 


Metropolitan Mum said...

Hi there, haven't been here quite a while and WOW have you been busy! Your wine lables are cool, and to my pleasant surprise, there is lots more to catch up with.

Jules said...

They are quite eye catching... love all the colours but particularly the bottom version.

aiman said...

wow! your work is fabulous.....which softwares do u use?...photoshop and illustrator?
i'm a freelance designer in the making...and struggling to get some projects....any advice u can give?