Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's Feria time!

This is the print I'm sending out today to the poster contest in Bayonne, France. The posters have to illustrate the Feria de Bayonne (a week of traditional festivities in south-western France where everybody dresses in red & white, plays music, parties and has a lot of fun!) and the winner's poster will be chosen to illustrate all the communication about the Feria...! I am so willing to win!!! Please, everybody, send me good vibes and wish me luck! I will keep you updated if anything interesting happens! :)


- aurelie- said...

Elle est superbe! I send you good vibes!
'hope you win!! Bises

Roman said...

The poster really looks great!
Sure you'll win :-)

Ted said...

it's wonderful!!! I am sure people will love it!!!