Thursday, January 14, 2010

upside-down :: new and improved!

2010 has started off well for me and I'm being kept very busy which I like very much! The only problem is that there are lots of future project that I can't show you yet... (but I promise, you will see them as soon as they come out!) 
Now, I am still sending patterns to my agent in Paris and sometimes I use a pattern I did some time ago but that never made it to become anything real... So I give him a little lifting for a more modern look, I add some matching patterns and off it goes... to the worldwide shows! :) I'm happy these patterns don't stay stuck in a drawer (- file of my computer actually -) and get their chance too! Today I am showing you the new and improved upside-down "seaweed" patterns!


Barbra said...


linda said...

Your work is beautiful - I've been following your blog for inspiration! I hope it's okay to blog about your work - I want to show your blog images, but will include link to your blog and copyright of your images of course!

leenaelina said...

All your work is so great! They are so nicely colored and happy !