Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hurry up...!

There are 3 good reasons why you should hop over to the Prima blog right away...! 
1) First of all..... They are showing sneak peaks of their brand new scrapbooking paper collections... (which are, acording to me, all gorgeous!)
2) ... One of which is mine....!!! (*sigh of excitement!*) My very first scrapbooking collection ever! It is called "Umbrella", it is flashy and bright, happy and colorful, just like a funny day out in the rain!... 
3) Prima is hosting a wonderful giveaway where you could win a set of their scrapbooking flower ornaments!

These reasons should be enough to get all of you running there straight away! ;)
Now, I won't tell you more, go have a look by yourself! 

PS: I will show you my entire Umbrella collection tomorrow, right here! Don't miss it! :)