Monday, January 4, 2010

*** happy 2010! ***

I hope you all had a nice Christmas time and a rocking new year's eve!
I have really been enjoying the free time in Paris... 2 weeks of holiday, no work, no worries, no phone calls, no reunions, nothing but relax, family, friends, tea, fireplace, snow, champagne, fun, chocolate, cookies, books... aaahh.... pure happiness!! Now I'm back in Italy and the busyness is on again...! Lots of things to get done soon and hopefully lots of things to show you very soon too! 
This year is also going to be a year of many changes for me... the dolce vita ends in April, and then it's back to France and moving again... but more on that in appropriate time! 
For now, I'll just wish all of you a wonderful, healthy, successful, loving, creative and joyful 2010! Oh and... Thank You for your lovely words, your comments and support in 2009! It makes me going on! :)