Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a bit more "en français"...

The "En Français" scrapbooking collection I did for Prima Marketing a while ago is now finally out and available through their website, here!

He are some more previews of various embellishments you can get... :)


Sandra Yveborg said...

Hi Lara,

I love your style! My absolute favorites are the Paris/New York 2008 poster and the Woodland Creatures (owl)illustrations.
You should try print them on fabric!

I do digital fabric printing and I would be more than happy to work with you. If you are interested, please contact me on sandra@iLoveFabrics.se for some samples and pictures of previous projects.

Best Regards,
Sandra Yveborg

Hannah said...

Hi, I saw your work in Print & Pattern 2 and found the link to your blog from there. Love your work, these really have a vintage French feel to them. Following you and looking forward to your future posts
Hannah x