Thursday, March 11, 2010

home sweet home...

Whether you have an adventurer's soul or you are more of a couch potato... the best place to be is always home! It's the place you love to come back to, a place filled with memories, souvenirs, objects you love, in a word... your life! 
In the next following months big changes are going to happen: moving out of Italy, back to Paris, and then again moving to a new place in North-East France called Saint-Dizier... Which means a lot of home changes! I'm very happy to go back home to Paris but also oh so excited to start a new chapter of my life moving again! And I can't wait to start decorating, refurbishing, etc, etc... decoration/decorating has a huge place in my heart and I think I should post more about it here! So from now on I will start posting about ideas, objects, furniture I could imagine seeing in my future home...! But more on that tomorrow, for now let's just enjoy the sunny day and dream about the new life! :)

ps: the birds + birdhouses are a new pattern line I designed for Juna Studio and will be on show at Surtex NY in May!


linda said...

Super cute bird illustration and pattern! Our family just set up a bird feeder and so happy to see them hopping around - Spring is almost here. I'm sure you've had a great time in Italy...and all the big changes sound like fun. Who doesn't want to decorate a new home?! :)